Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Our high quality cotton is grown in Egypt and woven from many, thin, long and tightly positioned threads. Egyptian cotton is said to be the highest quality cotton of the world. Once you have slept in sheets from Egyptian cotton, you will never want to sleep in anything else. We have duvet cover sets and generous flat sheets for both single and double beds.

Egyptian cotton is the finest cotton there is.

All bed sets and sheets from Pillowtalk are made from Egyptian cotton. The Egyptian cotton is regarded as the finest and best cotton in the world and it is made from long and thin fibres. This makes the finished weave soft, airy but yet durable. Ordinary cotton is made from shorter fibres which must be twisted to create a strong weave. This makes the finished product less soft and less airy.

Thread count

Thread count indicates the number of cotton threads a piece of weave, usually 10x10cm consists of. It is often shortened TC. The finer thread used, the tighter the fabric can be woven. This creates a softer and more flexible fabric. Higher TC often indicates a better quality but this is not always the case. The quality of the cotton used, the thread twisting and the finishing treatment of the fabric are other factors that combined with the thread count determine the quality of the finished product.

Finishing treatment

When the Egyptian cotton has been woven into fabric it will get a special treatment called mercerization. This creates more straight and smooth fibres which in it's turn contributes to better strength, shine and better absorption of colour.