Sustainability is important to us.

That is why cashmere and Egyptian cotton are the materials we use in our collections.

With a little care, these are materials that will last for many years.

And that is why we aim to create timelessly elegant design. Our products are not meant

for short time use and subsequent throw away. They are made to be used and worn for

a long time.

Sustainability includes many things. We use our best efforts to ensure that the entire

chain from the treatment of animals to delivery is carried out in a sustainable manner. In

its sustainability policy, one of our suppliers summarizes so well:

”Love everyone of our staff. Respect everyone of the wearers. Treat

everyone of the animals well.”

The cashmere yarn used in our products is certified in compliance with OEKO-TEX. The

Egyptian cashmere in our bed linen is manufactured in compliance with OEKO-TEX. These are

certifications that place high demands on our suppliers in respect of sustainability.

Furthermore, all suppliers have undertaken to act in compliance with our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct contains internationally recognized principles on human
rights, labor rights and protection for environment and animals.