Cashmere clothing - 100% A rated - Pillowtalk

Our cashmere come from cashmere goats living in the high, cold plateaus between China, Mongolia and Pakistan. They are combed at spring when they no longer need the warm winter fur. The wool fibres are carefully washed and spun into long, very thin threads. The longer and thinner  thread, the higher quality. The cashmere threads are sorted into A, B and C quality according to length and width. We only use the very soft and beautiful A classified cashmere.

Our products are machine washable but only in 30 degrees wool program.


Our cashmere comes from cashmere goats that live on the high plateaus between China, Mongolia and Pakistan. The cashmere goats are combed during the spring when they no longer need their warm winter coats. The soft wool fibres are spun into yarn. The thinner and longer wool fibres, the higher quality  yarn and  finished product. The cashmere thread is divided into A-, B- and C quality after it's length and thickness. Pillowtalk only uses quality A cashmere yarn. Thanks to the very high quality yarn, all our products are comfortable to wear, wonderfully soft and sustainable.


Cashmere is a fantastic material to wear straight on your body. Cashmere is a natural material that breaths and gets rid of odor and moisture. It is soft, flexible, warming when it's cold but yet cool when it's hot. Cashmere products are knitted in different gauges which decides how thick the final garment gets. You can say that the higher the gauge, the thinner the garment.


Our cashmere garments are timeless and therefor also a sustainable choice. If treated the right way, your cashmere garment will stay with you for years and years. Always store your cashmere garments lying flat in your wardrobe. Wash your cashmere garment in 30 degrees C in a washing bag. Choose the wool program on your washing machine. Dry flat.


Store your cashmere garments flat on a shelf or in a drawer in your closet.



Gauge (short:gg) is a technical term often used when discussing knitwear. The term refers to the number of stiches per inch. A higher gauge gives a thinner garment. Pillowtalk's cashmere is knitted in 5gg, 7gg, 12gg, 14gg or 16gg.


Microns refer to the diameter of the cashmere fibre. 1 micron is 0,000001 metres. A low micron of the fibre gives a softer yarn. Cashmere fibres are between 15 and 30 microns. Higher quality cashmere fibres are between 15 and 19 microns. A human piece of hair is 100 microns. All Pillowtalk cashmere is between 15 and 19 microns.

Fibre length

The length of the cashmere fibres is measured when "relaxed". Higher quality cashmere fibres are between 28mm and 40mm long. A longer fibre gives a higher quality. The length of the cashmere fibres used in Pillowtalk's production is between 28mm and 40mm.


The number of plyes indicates how many cashmere threads have been twisted in a cashmere yarn. 2 ply means that 2 threads have been twisted together into one yarn thread. 2 ply gives a yarn which produces stronger, warmer and more sustainable garments. Pillowtalk cashmere garments are knitted in 2 ply yarns or more.