About us and our products


Our vision is to produce products that are exclusive, timeless and sustainable and we have chosen to work with cashmere and Egyptian cotton of the highest quality. We aim for timeless design to create pieces that will remain essentials and favourites in your wardrobe and home for many years.


The cashmere wool comes from the Capra-Hircusgoat which lives in the extremely cold climat of the high plateaus between China, Mongolia, Pakistan and Afganistan. The name comes from the region Kashmir in the north of India but today there are not many goats left in the area.

The cashmere goat has a very soft, downy winter undercoat be able to coop with the very cold climate. In the spring the goat starts to loose the winter coat. The goat is then combed by hand which makes the undercoat come off while the topcoat remains. 

The undercoat wool is washed and sorted by hand 12 times to divide into different lengths. Adter this the yarn is spun.

One very important factor when judging the quality of cashmere is the thickness and length of the fibres. Products made from longer and thinner threads are considered to be of higher quality as they keep their shape and will last longer than products made from shorter and thicker threads. These products will also feel softer and finer that the others.

To assess this the cashmere is divided into different categories - A, B and C where the highest quality A normally uses fibres that are 14/15,5 microns (thickness) and 32 to 36mm long. 

It is very important that the fibres are the same length when they are spun into yarn to avoid pilling as the shorter fibres rises to the surface. However a few shorter fibres can slip by but any pilling can easily be removed with a wool comb or by hand. The pilling will also reduce with washing.

All our cashmere is from category A wool.

Our products are produced in Qingdao and Jinan in China. All cashmere products are made from the 100% cashmere yarn of the highest quality..